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Sitatunga Hunting

Sitatunga Hunting

Our safaris in pursuit of the elusive ghost of the swamp, the Sitatunga, will lead you to the Kafu River Basin and the papyrus belt along the banks of the River Nile. Our areas boast the highest density of Sitatunga found anywhere in Africa. It is not uncommon to see between 7 to 25 Sitatunga (males, females & young ones) daily in the course of your safari.

Sitatunga hunting involves a huge amount of preparation and pre-scouting. Before the start of every safari the papyrus has to be slashed at least three to four weeks in advance, and a cerebeti (elevated platform) must be built in either a tree or on floating papyrus. Determining where to slash and build cerebetis is achieved by scouting and observing Sitatunga constantly.

Sitatunga in our areas are usually spotted grazing early in the morning (06h30 to 07h30) and late in the evening (17h30 to 18h30). They also graze during the daytime when they are not disturbed.  A typical day hunting Sitatunga will start before sunrise as you and you professional hunter and team will “sit “ for Sitatunga  until about 9h30, then go out hunting for Nile Bushbuck, Oribi, Duiker, Reedbuck, Waterbuck or Uganda Kob until lunch time, finishing of the day hunting Sitatunga during the afternoon until sunset.

Hunting Sitatunga, or the ghost of the Swamp, surrounded by hippo, crocodiles and abundant bird life in Uganda will deliver a unique experience, the swamp and its surrounds with the added excitement of waiting for that one Sitatunga to appear out of nowhere, will definitely make this a once in a lifetime adventure to Africa.